When you become an adept of Angular development then *ngFor becomes probably the most used tool in your work with templates, of-course alongside with *ngIf.

Quite simple, it allows you to iterate over any collection. A standard example of displaying a list of data from component would look like:

Let’s consider we have a task: to create an input element and highlight text in the paragraph, based on the user input.

The solution is quite simple: to create a pipe, that will get the searched text as an argument and will return a modified markdown based on the regular…

I remember how complicated it was at the beginning of my career to understand how all the Array class methods work, differ from each other and, more importantly — to keep all of them in my mind.

Recently I saw some Infographics regarding JS Array methods in the web. Taking…

Firebase — is an excellent choice for hosting Angular applications: it’s fast and secure. With just one command, you can deploy your application and serve either static or dynamic content.

Important thing to mention is that both: Angular and Firebase were created by Google, so it means that their interrelation…

Igor Gonchar

Senior Front-End developer in Backbase, Amsterdam

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